Bart the Beggar

Gnome Sandpoint friendly Witch


Bart can identify magic items if you keep him and his animal friends happy.


6 Years ago Bart has been the owner of a very succesfull petshop in the town of Sandpoint.
During that time Bart has also been the best friend of Jervis Stoot, who later became knowm as “chopper”.
The two were always together, Bart went even as far to defend Jervis when rumours surfaced he could be chopper. We all know know that Jervis and Chopper were indeed one and the same.
Because of this fact business went downhill for Bart.
On top of that his shop also burned to the ground in the great fire.
He only survived those five years as a beggar because of his friends and companions from “the Company of the Old lighthouse”. Those friends are also the reasonn he stayed in Sandpoint
Most of the time now he stays at the place his old shop had been, close to the Cathedral. Feeding the local animals and pets the little food he can miss.

Wants an Oakling seed.
Dont forget to bring him food to eat himself & give away to animals.

Bart the Beggar

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