Half-Orc Garbage collector


Gorvi is the dung-sweeper of the town of Sandpoint, and one of the community’s few half-orc citizens. He’s paid well for his work, and has even been able to hire over two dozen individuals to assist him in gathering garbage and overseeing Junker’s Edge. Despite this, Gorvi chooses to live in a home that is both small and in need of repair.

- Appearance

Gorvi is a heavyset individual and sports a multitude of tattoos. He further stands out among the citizens of Sandpoint as one of only a handful of half-orcs that call the community home.

- Personality
Secure in his position as the town’s dung-sweeper, Gorvi makes a habit of being a nuisance around town; he’s convinced no one will take action against him as long as he does his job.

- Friends and Foes

Gorvi’s recent behavior along Sandpoint’s boardwalk and at the Hagfish has brought the half-orc in increasing conflict with the town’s mayor, Kendra Deverin, who finds herself hard-pressed to keep the dung-sweeper’s actions


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