Dwarf "Eagle Shaman" Druid



age 68, height 3f9i weight 110 lbs hair black beard & bold head, eyes blue

Druid 2
alignment: TN

Movement 20
Bab 1 (1 vs orc goblins)
attack: mw dwarven axe 4 d102 (x3)
ranged: sling 3 d42
AC: 18 (4 hide 2 shield 2 dex ) (4 vs giants=22)
ini: +2
HP: 29 (lvl 2 roll 5)
ref saves fort 7 ref 2 wil 6 (
2 vs spell / spell like / poison)
str 14 dex 14 con 19 int 7 wis 16 cha 5

traits: outlander misionary (clw, charm animal, ?)/ highlander

feats: 1 Toughness (3 spell focus conju 5 augment sum 7 natural spell)

0 guidance, create water, detect magic, stabilize
1 clw , charm animal , faerie fire

special: totem transformation: perception +4, natural attacks 2xtalon bit 3x d4, speak with birds at will. standard action 2x 1 minute or 1x 2 minutes.
climb 3, handle animal 5 heal 7/9 knowledge nature 4, perceptiobn 8, survival 9, stealth 2

MW woodworking tools
scroll of cure light wounds cl1
2x bag of caltrops
healer kit x1
mw healer kit x3
climbers kit
mw dwarf axe
3g worth of dry rations

Companion: Roc the Rock
ac 22 (5 nat 3 leather barding 4dex)
bab 2
attacks +3 2xtalons d4
1 bite d6+1
str 12 dex 19 con 9 int 2 wis 13 cha 11
20ft 80ft fly
HD3: 3x 4.5-3=10.5
fort 2 ref 7 wil 2
skills: fly 2+4+3-1=8 perception 1+1+3=2
feats: light armor proficiency flyby attack
bonus trick 1 Seek
tricks: attack come defend down guard heel


Talin Son of Kalin was born in janderhoff.

During the busy trade season Talin ended up inside a trade wagon during play. The owner of the wagon didnt notice Talin and carried him off to the storval plaateau after concluding his business.
The trader, a Shoanti of the Tamirr-Quah noticed the child halfway the journey. He was too afraid to return Talin for retribution of the dwarfs, who had send out a big reward for the child and a wanted dead to the would be kidnappers.

The problem was laid before the clan’s shamans. They decided to let nature decide his fate.
The child would be left alone to fend for himself on the Storval Rise.

After running a marathon-style race against predators, especially a young roc who never let him get a break, through mountains, lasting grueling days, Talin made it back. Exhausted and weak he stumbled into the Tamirr-Quah settlement. He was reborn Shoanti, and named Talek.

As an outsider there was only one position that would protect him from becoming a black sheep of the clan; Talek decided to become a druid, the respectable position of a shaman within the clan.

His Rite of Passage completed, Talek went off to find his companion. He could think only of 1 animal; the young roc that had chased him through the mountains.

Talek decided to leave the clan, and return more experienced when the time comes to help and advice the clan. He wanted to learn more about nature; he had never seen a real big forest or the great seas. In good spirits and in great expectation he set off together with his trusted animal friend.


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