Snowyaks Rise of The Runelords


4 aug 2013

Returned to ford rannick after defeating Barl.

New rumors; endless rain started.
Running messenger from turtle town: “we need help to evacuate because of the floods”.

Nature Knowledge: Fatestirrer & Talek found that the rain isnt natural.

Party flew north to investigate the rain’s source. Found a dam skull crossing]. \
Damn is in bad condition with very high water on the lake side.

found working ogres on top. They where destroying the dam.

Lost Love
ogre giant fey

woensdag 7 Mei 2013

Kreeg Clan Hold (ogre ford)
3 zombie witches
Tunnels to the dephts
Giant boss & Body guard
old ford comannder found

Woensdag 1 Mei 2013

Bitter Hollow (cursed Swamp)
Ghostship, dog

undead Fey -quest


Rannick (blackarrow fortres)
Turtle Back Ferry

Thistletop Threatening All

Toilday Rova 27th 4708

EDIT: maak dit verslag af

  • richting thistletop: survival check 25+ en het wild pad was gevonden.
  • Druid + Puma
  • goblin dogs
  • brug naar eiland
  • Kasteel & Wachtorens
  • Troonzaal met goblin leider
Into the Depth


Toilday Rova 26th 4708

The brothers “OSAF?” breached the wall, so the adventurers could enter the tunnels.

Sin Spawns
Flying heads
Pitcher with pure water
1 well
1 Well with skulls
1 Lava well

Dreams & Preparation

Toilday Rova 26th 4708

The eagles woke up from some well deserved rest. At breakfast everybody talked about a strange dream. Apparently all the eagles had dreamed the same dream, About a cityguard named ######?
In the dream he ##########???

Finally the shipment of the new toys had arrived! mithril breastplate, 2x wand of cure light wounds and ofcourse a masterwork quarterstaff.

Rest at last

Toilday Rova 25th 4708

rest day, healing up and identifying.

Ameiko Kaijitsu MISSING!

Toilday Rova 24th 4708

A new task for the wolves of sanpoint: Find the missing bartender of the rusty dragon.

Where could she have gone? First thing you do is check on the relatives: her father Lonjiku Kaijitsu. The fellowship went to his house: the glassworks, and found the buildings in production; smokes comming out of the chimney. Closed doors and noboddy coming to open made the fellowship decide to break in and find out what was going on.

A slaughter ensued when the party found hordes of goblins (including a hexer, warchanter, commando, Tsuto Kaijitu the brother of Ameiko). Tsuto was taken alive. Before the glassworks could be explored fully, a parimeter of citywatch & brother zantus was made. More goblins found and where swiftly dealt with.

Many civilians where found dead in the cooking pot & incinerated in the glass ovens.

Downstairs a tunnelsystem, a jail and a secret office was found.

The jail held Ameiko who was at first mistaken for a goblin. Tough luck. She promised free lodging in the rusty dragon as reward for her freedom, Yeah!. And also explained she was lured into a trap by her brother.

The secret office safe held documents incriminating her father Lonjiku; working together with the (scarni?!?) mobsters. 2 new criminals where named: Jubrayl Vhisky & Elgar Trask. For the future actions: These should be spied upon to find out their activities instead of just busting doors and arrest them. Also spread the rumors that no safe or documents where found. best to let it slip to some of the watchmen, let them carry on the ruse so the mobsters dont suspect us coming.

Correspondence of Tsuto gave insights into the half asimar; “sbe remains obsessed with removing what she calls her “celestial taint”and replacing it with her mothers grace" So she is alive and going infernal succubi."_burning her fathers remains (tobys? but he was “STEP” father?!?) at thistletop shrine seems to have started the transformation, but i cant say her new hand is pleasing to me. hopefully when she offers sandpoint to lamashtu’s fire’s her new body won’t be as hideous_" so she hold high rank among the enemies. “she says that once Malfeshnekor’s released under her command, we won’t need to worry about being subtle” s* they’re brewing on some nasty reinforcements. gotta find out what they are. sounds demonic.

Also attack plans on sandpoint where found, that indicated a vast work of tunnels below the glasswork leading to some other unknown place. for future actions: these tunnels should be sealed of and guarded. “Ripnvggut seems to favor the overwhelming land approach”
so he’s in on it & a shrine there. we should pay special attention to the thistletop leader, perhaps pay them a visit.

Tusto was captured alive and inprisoned. For the future: The wolves might want to add their own to secure the place, since their last prisoner was assasinated inside.

Grave Research & The Wolves of sandpoint

Toilday Rova 24th 4708

Father Zantus had some more information: The [step-/daughter!?] of the buried priest, father Tobyn was a half aasimar half [human]?!?. It was said only her ring was buried in the casket.
Tracks lead to the northside wall, where a hole was found and the trail led further into the trees.

Sherif Hemlock had to leave town. Getting reinforcements from Magnimar. He’s deputize the fellowship to keep the town safe in his absense, they shall be known a the wolf’s of Sandpoint.

Boar Feast & Bruthazmus


The Boar Hunt
Hunters become hunted

Toilday Rova 23th 4708

In the morning the fellowship joined a very eager noble man in the stables. Foxglove couldnt wait to get his boarspear into some juicy meat. After his 2 retainers polished some boots, the noble man looked shocked: “you have no horses?”. Aldern made quick work of that and handed out horses & ponies for everybody. The ride into boar territory went uneventfull; No trouble met.

At this point the retainer where left behind to setup camp; making fire and side dishes.

The boar hunt didnt go to well at start; Talek brought a big signal horn, to scare of any big game. He was sure this hunt would not be succesfull.

Alas, the first boar was found and stood no chance against Aldern. Another boar rushed off through bushes, apparently in the direction of the campsite. But before the fellowship went after it, there was another boar, this time a Large one. Talek decided one was anough to feed all mouths, another would be just for sports. So he charmed the boar, but overshot his reach; thinking he’d make the boar helpfull it instead became indifferent again. Right at the moment Talek tryed to stear the fellowship away from the boar, a whereboar rushed out the bushes, commanding the large boar to attack. Wilhelm make quick work of him, but not before taking a nasty wound. The Large boar, no longer under influence fled the scene.

Back in the campsite the fellowship found chaos. A boar had trample the camp, wounding a retainer, and to Aldern’s dismay injured a horse; “Look what you’ve done to my horse!”. After some quick aid, Foxglove decided not to remain, but bring back the catch to Sandpoint, to be eaten in safety.


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