Tag: Human


  • Aeldred

    Young and eager to prove his worth to his town. Since graduating from the Academy of Military Sciences in Magnimar, he has: recovered a runaway cat; vomited attempting Norah’s Water multiple times and managed to get throttled by a drunk Das Korvut when …

  • Ceonwulf

    Joined the Sandpoint watch at the same time as Aeldred. A little bit shy, a lot of bit awkward, Ceonwulf has attempted to spark a romantic relation with just about every young girl in town. With disastrous results.

  • Offa "whitebeard"

    Along with Wessex, Offa “Whitebeard” is the last second generation guardsman in Sandpoint. His effort in his duty has waned, considerably, in the past few years as his time is consumed by making sure his son, Offa “Redbeard”, doesn’t cause too many …