Tag: NPC


  • Ameiko Kaijitsu

    Ameiko Kaijitsu (22) is best known in the town of Sandpoint as the proprietor of The Rusty Dragon, the most popular tavern in town. A member of the town's small aristocracy, she is the eldest daughter of Lonjiku Kaijitsu and Atsuii Kaijitsu, and half- …

  • Belor Hemlock

    Belor Hemlock is the sheriff of the Varisian town of Sandpoint. He replaced the previous sheriff, Casp Avertin, who was killed by serial killer Chopper in 4702 AR. Originally a member of the Shriikirri-Quah tribe of the Shoanti, Belor abandoned his …

  • Myra Sinsashi

    Myra ‘The Carver’ Sinsashi, proud owner and captain of the sleek caravel on which she sailed. She is in some trouble with the Sczarni because they are kind o jealous

  • Sir Jasper Korvaski

    Jasper Korvaski is the manager of the Sandpoint Mercantile League. A retired paladin of Abadar, Jasper remains a loyal and devout follower of his god. His nigh-incorruptible character makes him a valuable asset to the four families who own the …

  • Gorvi

    Gorvi is the dung-sweeper of the town of Sandpoint, and one of the community's few half-orc citizens. He's paid well for his work, and has even been able to hire over two dozen individuals to assist him in gathering garbage and overseeing Junker’s Edge. …

  • Eando Kline

    Pathfinder Eando Kline (pronounced ee-AN-do), under orders from Venture-Captain Shevala Iorae of Absalom, spent much of 4707 and 4708 AR traveling throughout Varisia and the Darklands, following a mysterious ioun stone. .