flora and fauna



Numerous animals unique to the region make Varisia their home. Any druid or ranger native to these lands is familiar with these beasts and might befriend them as animal companions.

  • Auroch
    Powerfully built herd animals that range across the northern Storval Plateau and western hills, aurochs refuse to be mere prey animals. With thick, mottled gray hides and forward-curving horns (reaching 2-1/2 feet in length), adult aurochs often weigh well over a ton.
  • Cindersnake
    These giant red-patterned vipers hide amid the crags and fine silt of the Cinderlands, crippling prey with a painful, burning venom.
  • Donkey Rat
    Snowy white rodents the size of small dogs (in some places known as capybaras or giant guinea pigs), the donkey rats native to Varisia’s coast are popular pets (and meals) throughout the southern lands.
  • Fire Pelt
    These black-and-red-furred mountain lions stalk much of northwestern Varisia. The color of their pelts changes from predominantly black to a range of autumnal colors with the seasons.
  • Giant Lizard
    Geckos the size of ponies prowl the moist sea cliffs and forests of southern Varisia, feasting on rodents, giant insects, and even the occasional goblin. Upon the Storval Plateau, aggressive horned spirestalker lizards hide among rocky outcroppings and fearlessly attack anything that comes in sight.
  • Storm Roc
    Proud raptors with wings the color of thunderheads and crownlike crests of tousled feathers, storm rocs are said to live for hundreds of years and eventually grow to the size of the true rocs.

flora and fauna

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