quests and orders

*1** Sihedron Ritual
a- Find out what the Sihedron Ritual is.
b- Find people bearing the Mark

*2** Sandpoint
a1 Stop the second attack: Dragon? + M?? +Teraktinus???
a2 what is the search ordered by M?

b1*Full Moon*: safe wilhelm wicki (first char MAQ)
b2* Full Moon: defeat the Sandpoint devil
c*Quinck, brothert*: questions for the sage: “what is a runelord & what kind of place was the old light” and "what kind of monster is “Malfeshnekor”

*Skipped / optional quests:

1 Sihedron RITUAL
c- Seek and destroy Aldera.Find The List
d- Seek and destroy The Brothers
e- Seek and destroy Xanesha

*competed quests:

[V]Lost love: help the fey nymph; Myriana bring back the dead body of the captain * NAME?? * from ford Rannick, lift the curse on the local forest.
[V]Sczarni: find the strong man (bar incident: 2 silver daggers & scarf)
[V]Sczarni: Find out activities & stop Jubrayl Vhisky & Elgar Trask
[V] Thistletop: Destroy shrine
[V] Thistletop: kill succubi Nualia
[V] Thistletop: kill leader Ripnvggut
[V] Smuggler Tunnels: Explore & make safe
[V] Graves robbed: The grave of father Tobyn and his stepdaughter the Aasimar Nualia had been robbed
[V}Goblins: find the reason for the goblinraid!!
diversion looting the graves of quinck and the asimar Nualia. The asimar is alive and transforming into a succubi.

quests and orders

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