The Shoanti (pronounced show-AHN-tee) are a barbaric, often nomadic people native to the Storval Plateau and Velashu Uplands regions of Varisia. Like their Varisian cousins, these humans descended from the enslaved workers of the ancient empire of Thassilon, but have, since its fall, developed a unique and advanced culture of their own.

- History

Unlike the true human ethnicities, the Shoanti–who are not technically an ethnicity, given their minimal impact and limited presence in the world as a whole–didn’t exist until after the destruction of Thassilon, when they, the combat caste of Thassilon’s enslaved populace, ended up having to fend for themselves in the Age of Darkness which followed. This group consisted of equal parts Varisian, Ulfen, and Kellid and their language is a combination of all three as well as the Thassilonian language into one unique tongue called Shoanti, after the people.

For thousands of years the Shoanti lived in relative peace with the Varisians who shared their lands. Their primary conflicts were with the wild beasts of the region, raiding orcs from the east and barbarians from the north, and the harsh landscape itself. When the Chelaxian Empire expanded into southern Varisia through Bloodsworn Vale in 4406 AR, the Shoanti found themselves facing a new enemy: colonizers from the south. The battles between the people of what would become Korvosa and the Shoanti raged for decades, finally ending in 4488, but the bad blood sown between the two peoples has remained even until today

There are 7 distinct clans

- Tamiir-Quah (The Wind Clan)

Members of the Tamiir-Quah are among the most territorial of the Shoanti people.
The Wind Clan makes its home in the mountains of northern Varisia, and may the gods help anyone who threatens these areas.


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